Point, shoot, done

Simplify and automate warehousing with AI powered workflows: making warehousing as easy as taking pictures.

Digitize processes from end-to-end with the power of pictures

warehouse inbound


Automate box counting and cross checking of labels, POs, DOs and packing lists. Learn more >

Warehouse stocktake and cycle count

Stocktake & Cycle Count

Automated AI counting. Save pictures as proof for audit purposes. Learn more >

Warehouse administration


Automate reconciliation or manually keying in information in your WMS or ERP

Warehouse outbound


Automate box counting and cross checking of labels, picking- and packing lists. Learn more >

Add AI features to make your
workflow smarter

AI Counting
Power Count

Automate counting and checking of pallet and boxes

Read more
AI label scanning and processing
Power Scan

Multiple label scanning and scanning of non-barcoded labels or text

Read more
AI document processing and scanning
Power Docs

Extract data from paper or digital documents

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Point, shoot, done

Powerhouse AI makes inbound, stocktake and outbound as easy as taking pictures.

Powerhouse AI background imagewarehouse operator
Powerhouse AI hero element

De-risk and future-proof your warehouse operations

Increase efficiency
and accuracy
Use state-of-the-art technology
Make "dumb" boxes smart
Easily deal with supplier
data inaccuracies
Enabling a data-driven
way of working
Real-time access to data

Frequently Asked Questions


What does the solution do?
  • Powerhouse AI offers AI-vision scanning and counting solutions for warehouses. An application that serves as an add-on to your WMS/ERP to provide superpowers to the workers on the floor. End-to-end digitalisation of inbound, outbound, cycle count and stocktake with the support of computer vision.
  • How? By making warehousing as easy as taking pictures. With a main focus on critical processes like inbound and stocktake and tasks like scanning multiple labels at once, automatic counting goods, reading and exporting (paper) documents and reconciliation.
Does it replace my WMS or ERP?
  • No, it does not replace your WMS or ERP. It functions as an add-on to provide superpowers to your warehouse workers. Note that a direct connection with your WMS is not required, although we will leverage information stored in your WMS.
What hardware does the solution use?
  • The solution runs on Android (v7 and later) devices only: phones, tablets and certain dedicated warehouses devices like Honeywell and Zebra. Get in touch to find out if your device is compatible with our application.

    Alternatively, the solution can be white-labeled to connect to your own application or hardware devices. Get in touch for more information.
What’s different from a barcode scanner or handheld device?
  • Barcode scanners scan barcodes. Powerhouse AI scans pallets, documents, labels (count) and barcodes. Next to this, the application provides an end-to-end solution to digitize your inbound, stocktake, cycle count and outbound processes. This does includes custom workflows and reconciliation functionality.


Does it require a WMS or ERP to function?
  • Yes, we do recommend implementing a WMS or ERP first before thinking of an automation solution like Powerhouse AI. However, it is not required to directly connect our software to your WMS. Get in touch to learn more.
How long does it take before I can use the solution?
  • This depends on your unique situation and specific needs. You can be up and running within a couple of days up to a few months.
Can I integrate or connect your software with ours.
  • Yes, that’s possible. We’ve API’s to connect with any other software or hardware solutions. Powerhouse AI can be used white labeled as well. Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities.

Value and costs

What value does the solution provide?
  • Up to 40% faster inbound, stocktake and cycle count. 
  • Zero human errors
  • Increase auditability. Availability of a database of pictures taken and an action log.
  • Simplifying warehouse processes by making it as easy as taking pictures. This significantly reduces training time and makes warehouse work more pleasant.
  • Making your warehouse more sustainable by eliminating paper and digitizing process.
How much does it cost?
  • Pricing has two components: one-off implementation costs and yearly subscription costs. Subscription costs are based on the usage of the computer vision features (label processing, document processing and/or inventory checking)
  • Please, get in touch to receive a quote for your warehouse situation.

Demo or trial

Can I try the solution first?
  • Absolutely. Please get in touch to arrange a demo or to set-up a Proof of Concept.

Powerhouse AI

What clients are you working with?
  • We work with logistics- and warehousing companies and companies in FMCG, food, pharma, medical devices, consumer goods and automotive. Ranging from midsize to enterprise. However, we’re not limited to these operations. Get in touch to find out what the value for your company can be.
Who’s behind Powerhouse AI?
  • Powerhouse AI is backed by some of the world’s most successful investors like Y Combinator and Entrepreneur First.

Ready to transform your warehouse into a Powerhouse?