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Automate the tedious and error-prone counting of inventory

AI counting

Count boxes in 3D (also the hidden ones)

Powerhouse AI uses computer vision to detect boxes on shelves and pallets in order to get to an accurate count. Pieces (or eaches) are counted based on identification of text or numbers (like barcodes)

Pallets in racks

Boxes on shelves

Pallets at receiving

Pallets at dispatch

Pieces (barcoded)


Nobody likes to check goods, but inaccurate inventory can lead to 3x higher inventory costs if not done correctly or regularly.

Save valuable labor costs

Increase accuracy by eliminating human error

Keep pictures for recounting- or audit purposes

Integrate AI counting as part of your workflow

Inbound integration


automatically check if you’ve received the right goods in the right quantity

Warehouse outbound integration


automatically check if you’re sending out the right

Stocktake and cycle count integration

Cycle count or stocktake

check if you’re storing the right goods in the right quantity

Warehouse process and workflow integration
white-label solution

Or white-label as part of your own solution

WMS warehouse management system integration


warehouse drone integration


mobile device integration

Mobile applications

other services integration


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