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Recognize, count and verify your inventory

Use Powerhouse AI to speed up inbound, outbound, cycle count and stocktake

Inventory count

Use Count & Go to speed-up your quarterly or yearly audits.

Use the tool yourself or provide it to your auditors to scan your inventory in a breeze and receive automated reports with pictures as proof.

Increase the frequency of your cycle count with the same labor to get a more accurate view of your inventory.

Alternatively, cut your cycle count process by up to 3 times by automating counting and related administration.

Mixed pallets are tricky and challenging to count and verify. Use Count & Go to take over this task.

Inventory count application. For stocktake cycle count and mixed pallets

Inbound and outbound

Ensure you receive the right goods in the right quantity from your suppliers.

Don't settle with estimates before your truck driver leaves and digitally tick off your packing lists and purchase orders at inbound.

Prevent angry customers and high return costs because of shipping the wrong order to your customers.

Inventory management app for warehouse receiving and outbound

Inspect and Dimension

Optimize warehouse space or get more accurate estimates of future shipping costs by dimensioning your pallets or individual boxes.

Taking dimensions doesn't require any additional steps. Measurements are taken when counting and checking your pallets.

Prevent receiving damaged boxes and pallets by automating your visual inspections.

Illustration - pallet and box inspection and dimensioning

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