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AI Copilot for Warehouse Operators

Streamline your warehouse with AI. Full process visibility. 100% accuracy enabled. 20% to 40% faster fulfillment.

Powerhouse AI workflow digitization, AI counting, label processing and document processing

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Transforming your warehouse
into a Powerhouse

> 10x cheaper

Avoid expensive automation costs. Powerhouse AI is about > 10x cheaper than regular automation solutions.

Affordable and asset-light
Faster stocktake

Easy to implement

It's possible to run the technology without any integrations. Enabling lightning fast deployment.

Seamless & Simple

Running on a handheld device, and adapting to your processes. No specialized skills needed and up to speed in 30 minutes.

Easy to implement
Connects with your systems


Working alongside your WMS without replacing it, with the option to integrate or not

Making warehousing as easy as taking pictures

AI box counting

Power Count

AI counting of boxes on pallets, shelves and in racking... from a picture. And yes, it can also count those boxes that are hidden in the middle of a pallet or are behind another stack.

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AI Label Scanning

Power Scan

Scans everything. From "conventional" barcodes to written SKU numbers, expiry dates, serial numbers and even text on a box. Use Power Scan to extract and verify important data.

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OCR document scanning

Power Docs

Use Power Docs to deal with all your logistics documentation. Simply take a picture to read, understand, extract and verify your documents. No more keying in or manual cross-checking.

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AI cross checking and reconciliation

Power Flow - our core

Simplify and automate warehousing with AI powered workflows. Integrating with your processes and systems

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Control and streamline your warehouse processes with AI



Powerhouse AI

Dynamic workflow App

API and integrations

Inventory Counting

API and integrations


API and integrations



Any other solution (white label)

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